From favorite to fauxpaux, Magic Magpie turns trash into cash

Every summer there is a must play, must have hit. Last year if you didn't know the words to Call Me Maybe, you lived under a rock. If you are playing that song this summer, you are so behind the times. We have moved on to bigger and better. This summer is about Blurred Lines and that steamy video. I better not catch you dancing Gangnam Style

The same situations occurs with movies. Although there are a few perennial hits, other movies come and go. While I personally really liked Legally Blond the first 5 times I saw it, I don't think that I have watched it in many years. Other favorites like the Godfather or Cars are on constant rotation in our world. 

In a house with kids, video games are at a premium. It seems that every month there is a new game, version, or must have item. The older games, previously the best, most exciting, ones fall to the back of the cabinet. They have been forgotten, pushed aside and taking up space.

When looking around your house, do you seen lots of old, forgotten or collecting dust movies, CDs or video games just lying around. It is time to turn that clutter into cash with Magic Magpie.

Magic Magpie is a service that pays money for your movies, CDs, and video games. This service is not an auction based sale. It is cold, hard cash. Instantly sell your DVDs,  CD or game. Submit your item to the valuation engine to determine the value. 

Start the process by scanning the item's bar code. See how much your discarded item is worth. Ship your items for free to the service. Then, get paid. Sell 10 items sell 500 items. The choice is yours.

Stop living in the past and under a rock. Get some cash for items that you want now by trading in your stuff to Magic Magpie.

Disclosure: Occasionally,  I provide my honest opinions for companies in return for compensation. 

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