Making life easier with these mom friendly products

As a mom, I often see a problem. I want a solution, but sometimes my mind doesn't formulate the answer. Luckily there are many inventors who have developed creative solutions for some pressing needs. Usually, when I see these products, my initial response is - why didn't I think of that!  

The following products have hit home with our family. They are simple yet extremely useful. Plus, the price point is affordable for families. Here are a few suggestions

Solvetta - fold flat lunchbox
At IHHS 2013, Solvetta received one of the Innovation Awards. This lunchbox provides a viable solution to the problem of a clean space to eat your food.  Did you know that the germiest place in a school the cafeteria table." The Solvetta provides heat resistant and washable lunchbox that also serves as a placemat while dining away from home; at school, at the office, and at the park. By unzipping the four easy zippers of the FlatBox-LunchBox it converts into a flat place-mat in seconds. 

Right now, Solvetta is part of a Kickstarter campaign.  For a donation as little as $15 you can help make Solvetta the lunchbox that every kid and parent wants.

The dipr
The dipr is  the ultimate cookie spoon. The dipr is a spoon that holds your sandwich cookie while you dip it in milk or other liquid. The dipr cradles the cookie by the cream and prevents the cookie from crumbling when dunked. The dipr can be purchased online for just $2.95. There is an assortment of colors. 

Kuhn Rokn Corn
The Kuhn Rikon Corn Twister is the easiest way to remove corn from the cob. Place the green silicone husk on one end of the ear, and the corn-shaped piece on the other. With a smooth and simple twist and push, it strips kernels cleanly off the cob. The three pieces nest inside each other for safe, compact storage. The Kuhn Rikon Corn Twister retails for approximately $14.99.

Shark Sonic Duo
Shark Sonic Duo is the first device to deep clean all types of floors. From carpet to wood and vinyl to tile, this single machine effortlessly cleans it all. The system makes it easy to clean all the floor surfaces in a home. The color coded solutions and matching pads makes it easy to go from room to room scrubbing away the dirt.  

The Shark Sonic Duo is available for purchase online at for $199.80. It can also be purchased at Walmart, Target and other mass merchants.  Each system comes with pads  and solution for both carpet and hardwood/tile cleaning.

Will these items be added to your must have lists? Do you have an item that your family can't live without?


Disclosure: I may have received some of these items to review. All opinions are my own.

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