Put your thinking cap on and win over your opponent in Snake Oil - Out of the Box games - review

Some of my friends can think fast on their feet. The creativity and spontaneity in their brains always amazes me. When she looks at an item or concept, she can figure out ho would want that item, where it would be sold and the potential success. But, she doesn't have the gift of persuasion. While my persuasive techniques have been reduced to cajoling little people to eat their vegetables, the art of convincing another of your idea is still there. Bringing together my persuasion and my friend's creativity, we would make a great pair. But in Snake Oil by Out of the Box games we are fierce competitors.

Snake Oil, It Cures what Ails Ya, by Out of the Box Games, is a party game that encourages players to use their creativity and persuasion. The rules of the game are to get the customer to purchase the pitched product.

One players draws a card and becomes the Customer. Other players select two Word Cards from their hand (6 cards total). These word cards are used to create a product to pitch the customer. Each player tries to persuade the Customer that his product is the best. The Customer's favorite product is awarded the Customer Card. The player with the most Customer Cards wins.

In premise, this game might seem easy to the boastful and confident type. The big consideration is how to make your product right for the particular customer. Each Customer Card reflects a type of person. Customers include hunter, nurse, coach potato and even zombie. If you had the word cards - stick and foot- your argument to persuade a nurse is totally different than a zombie (one could be a medical device and the other would be dinner). The purpose of this game is to be creative with your product and present a sound argument why your product is best.

While this game is intended for ages 10 and older, I have introduced a modified concept to my kids. The idea of making them think and be creative intrigues me. My one child is constantly imagining games and stories. Showing him how to apply his wild ideas to a potentially real scenario helps him realize all this dreaming is important. In our version, we're aren't competing against each other, rather we work together.

For neighborhood game night, Snake Oil has a different application. In this game scenario, our friends try to create the most outrageous product possible. The goal is to make everyone fall over in laughing fits. The crazy combinations bring stories to relive for game nights to come.

Snake Oil from Out of the Box Games can be purchased at a variety of retailers and online at the company's website. It retails for $19.99. For more information on this game and other games offered by Out of the Box, please visit the website at http://www.otb-games.com/, Twitter account and Facebook page.

Disclosure: I received this game to review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Sounds like a fun game to play!!

  2. I think my friends and I would have a lot of fun with this game!

  3. Wow! That looks like a fun game.