Cultivate your green thumb with garden projects from Miracle-Gro

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Over the years, I would stare enviously at my neighbors yards, gardens and flower beds. Everything was so colorful, well thought-out and beautiful. It was as if a magazine portfolio came to life in the yard. But, when I looked at my yard, the scene was definitely the before shot. Everyone knows those scenarios. It was the yard where HGTV comes in to help rescue the poor, hapless home owner who doesn't have a clue.

This year I am determined to have a yard that I'm proud to show off. From the lush green grass to the bountiful flower beds, my yard is going to be up to par. Since I can't go on this journey alone, I'm asking my family to join in some . fun garden projects

Since I don't have a vast knowledge of gardening, I'm turning to the  The Gro Project to help. The Gro Project has lots of articles and videos to make the whole gardening process less painful to this beginner. This year I'm starting small with something that I can manage, a flower planter.

The key with a small flower planter is to have flowers and plants at varying heights. The visual differences help to create variety. Most importantly, the flowers and plants need lots of nutrients to help them do well. Miracle-Gro provides the balance of food that the plants crave. For example, the inground option,  LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit will give your newly planted items the nutrients it needs to thrive.

My flower planter will have lots of color from petunias and  height from some ferns. To kick off the holiday weekend, the kids and I are going to the garden store to pick out a variety of items to include. Since I need a visual to help get my plan in place, the Miracle-Gro Pinterest page shares lots of ideas to make sure that I'm on the right track. The advice and encouragement from all the gardeners gives even the novice grower the boost that I need. If all those pins aren't enough, check out the Gro Project Video for additional inspiration from Miracle -Gro.

Are you ready to transform your boring, drab yard into the lush, lavish garden of your dreams? Get inspired and start a plan with Miracle-Gro

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  1. I wish I had a green thumb...maybe I can actually not kill my plants if I use Miracle-Gro! Thanks for sharing..