Uncover the hidden treasure to find the golden codes

I always like finding a good deal. Those hidden gems of savings make me smile. But, who wants savings to be boring! Why not make the savings fun. Shoplet is offering a treasure hunt to savings. Savings is so much sweeter when you figure out the secret.

Are you familiar with Shoplet?  This online office supplies store offers great deals on the supplies that you need. From the at home consumer to the larger business office, you can find the supplies that make your next project move ahead swiftly and surely. From small, single purchases to larger scale orders, you can save at Shoplet.

Some large scale office supply companies can over look the smaller businesses. When a company doesn't have the volume purchases, it can be difficult to find the right supplier. Shoplet wants the small business consumer to see the advantage of using its office supplies.

If you are part of a small business, maintaining and, in some cases, cutting costs is imperative to a successful business plan. When you find a company that understands the smaller consumer and wants to assist in its success, businesses will continue to support that company.

Shoplet wants to help the little guy by offering free eProcurement. What is eProcurement?  It is a way of tracking all your online purchases through a supplier. Some companies charge for this service. Shoplet offers this program free for its small business customers.

Watch the video to learn about eProcurement.

As you were watching the video, did you see the treasure hunt clues? Don't worry you can watch it again if you missed them. The treasures are Shoplet.com logo price tags. Each tag contains a "treasure code." Submit your answers to receive up to 10% off your next online purchase.

Don't over spend on your next supply purchase? Unlock the codes to the treasure and save big. 

Disclosure: This post was written as a promotional piece. I may receive compensation for my time.

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