Stylish office organization made easy

When I look at my desk, I realize that organization isn't my strong suit. There are stray business cards, sticky notes and pens laying around. Occasionally, items will be filed away. Still, I know that there is a better way.

Shoplet offers home office storage solutions to fit a variety of needs. The Officemate Recycled Rotary Organizer has a place for my pens, pencils, sticky notes and more. It removes all the items sitting on the desk to a single location. There are 16 compartments that offer a place for tape, post-its, pens, erasers, and just about anything else. The organizer retails for$13.47. Stop stuffing the drawers or leaving everything hanging out. Organize your supplies today.

For those random papers that I need for my meetings, I have been using the Portable Dry Erase Clipboard case. It sounds odd to use using this item for a meeting. Yes, I have a great leather portfolio, but sometimes I need durability not fashion. This item offers storage and organization.  There are separate components for writing instruments or clips. All my papers are safe inside the case and I don't have to worry about them if I drop it. Great for the mom on the go.

Plus, the case doubles as a go to item for the kids.  On long road trips or downtime, the dry erase board is easy entertainment. They can draw, create, erase and do it again. The Portable Dry Erase Clipboard Case retails for$15.82.

Make a commitment to a more organized office.Check out all the options for office supplies to make your home office looking professional.

Disclosure: I received these products in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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