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In today's society, the ability to speak multiple languages is important to succeeding in life. Personally, I wish that my Spanish fluency was back to my younger days. Did you know that children can more easily learn a second language? For a variety of reasons, the younger you introduce a second language, the more easily it can be grasped. While I'm not a teacher, I have tried to help my kids speak Spanish. I've come to find that I'm a better supporter than teacher. That's why a program like Language Stars is beneficial.

Language Stars is play-based, full-immersion foreign language class. Taking advantage of their vast learning capabilities, Language Stars helps kids open their minds and brains to other cultures and ways of speaking. These classes aren't boring memorization. Through play, the kids learn to describe, explain and use a second language. The program is open to toddlers, preschoolers and K-Fifth graders.

From February 14-27th, Language Stars will host Open House Weeks. During this periods, families can learn about the program and what it has to offer their family.

Here's what to expect during Open House Weeks
Tour your local Language Stars center
Meet our international teaching team
Learn about the Window of Opportunity and why now is the best time for your child to learn a foreign language
Receive a special Open House gift to take home for you and your child
Enter our Open House Weeks Giveaway for a chance to win an iPad mini

Also, if your family chooses to enroll during this period, you will receive $100 off your tuition.

To register for the Open House, please visit

Language Stars is available in Washington DC and the Chicago area. For more information about Language Stars check out their Facebook pages, and

Don't miss out on your opportunity to learn more about Language Stars. To give you a little incentive, enter to win the iPad mini below. Just enter via the Rafflecopter.
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