Travel the 50 states in your living room with 10 Days to Travel the US game - review

Have you taken your family on a road trip? The idea sounds exciting. Seeing the historical high points in each state, stopping to visit relatives or just driving to see our country's beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, the amount of time in a car can be bothersome (Are we there yet? He's touching me!) what if you could travel the country from your own living room? You can in 10 Days in the USA.

From Out of the Box Games comes 10 Days in the USA. This game has players arrive at a destination by traveling throughout the United States. Players travel by train, plane, boat, car or on foot. The goal is to be the first player to complete a ten-day journey.

The game begins by each player drawing cards to complete their 10 day journey. Cards include the 50 states and transportation cards. The goal is to be the first player to complete a 10 day journey.A ten day journey is considered complete when, starting with DAY 1, each day is connected to the next day in the tile holder. The completed journey must also meet the following criteria:
• Completed journeys must start with a state tile and end with a state tile.
• It is not necessary to include either an airplane or an automobile tile to complete a ten day journey.
• Transportation tiles, next to each other, do not form a connection.

The key to doing well in this game is your knowledge of geography. For example, can you reach West Virgina via Pennsylvania by foot or do you have to fly (you can reach West Virginia by foot because they are boarding states). Knowing your states and locations is the way to win this game.

I like this game for children because it gives them a  better understanding of USA geography. I am sad to say that my kids didn't know that New Mexico bordered Arizona. So, for us, this game was a great way to start a discussion about geography and traveling the United States. Also, we were able to discuss the various states that our family has visited together and how we traveled to them. For example, our kids know that we can travel to Wisconsin via car, but we usually travel to Florida by train. I can see how this game can grow with my kid and can re-enforce the information that they learn in school.

Ten Days in the USA retails for approximately $27.99. Other games similar to the USA version is 10 Days in Europe, 10 Days in the Americas, 10 Days in Africa, and 10 Days in Africa.

Next time the kids ask where are we going on vacation, grab the Ten Days in the USA game and start a fun yet intelligent discussion on US geography.

Disclosure: I received this game to review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. What a neat game this would be fun to play with the older kids.