Skylanders Giants, the must have video game that's bigger and bolder - review

My family likes to play video games. From my husband to my sons, the various video game consoles to portable players are a way for them to unwind after a busy day.

Now that my kids play with friends some school, I've noticed that playing video games is a way for them to interact. The biggest obstacle with playing games amongst friends is the different game for different gaming systems. The Skylanders games are perfect for group gaming because the figurines work on all gaming systems. Whether you have an Xbox, Wii or Playstation, your favorite Skylanders characters can come to play on your classmate's or neighbor's gaming system. Now that we all have conquered the battles in the first Skylander's game with Spiro, it's time to move onto a bigger, bolder, more powerful version, Skylander's Giants.

The premise of Skylanders Giants is that the banished Giants have come back to help fight Kaos. These Giants aren't just physically bigger. They have more power to unleash in the battles. Still, the beloved characters from the previous game aren't left behind. All Skylander characters will battle in the new scenes to defeat their mutual enemy.

Recently, I demoed the Skylanders Giants game in my local Best Buy. This game is more difficult than the original version. The level that I played is longer and has more steps to accomplish. I played as the character Prism Break, an earth character from the game. He shot rays of light out of his arms. These helped to disarm the wizards and enemies that tried to steal his money and kill him. I did get spun around a few times and had to learn to aim, but overall it was easy to maneuver (I was playing the PSP version, we have Xbox, which could have been my difficulty). I'm sure if my kids were playing, they would have no difficulty in mastering the moves.

The best part about the Skylanders Games is that you can play with your friends. It doesn't matter your gaming system, the boys can bring their Skylanders or Skylanders Giants figures to play the Giants game. Kids don't have to feel left out if they have the original characters. Great news for parents is that you don't have to buy all new figures to play this game. While the Giants do have special abilities (like more strength), the original characters work on this new game (but Giants do not work on the Spiro's Adventure).

The Skylanders Giants Starter pack (for gamers who do not previously own a Skylanders game/portal) retails for $74.99 at Best Buy. The Owners pack retails for  $59.99. Additional Skylanders characters are available for purchase and prices vary depending on character.

I believe that Santa will be putting the Skylanders Giants game under our tree this holiday season. I foresee a holiday of giant adventure in our future.

Disclosure: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free


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