Simplifying my crazy team sports schedule with HomeTeam app - review

If you are a sports mom, you know how crazy scheduling can be. From weeknight practices to weekend games, you need to stay on top of everything. Since I (and my family) are "i" dependent,  I am always looking for apps to simply and sync our busy schedules.

The HomeTeam app allows you to coordinate your team in one easy to follow app. From the iPhone app you can set up a team roster, email distribution, team schedule and much more. In this easy to follow central location, you can simplify the sports team chaos.

Anyone who has been a team mom knows that keeping everyone on track can be difficult. From making sure each game has a snack parent to coordinating carpool times, a team mom is a full time job. When you throw multiple kids and multiple teams into the mix you have a scheduling nightmare.

Recently, I downloaded the HomeTeam app to help coordinate my sons' swim team obligations. With nightly practices that change daily, it can be difficult to remember when and which location for practice. By syncing this app with my calendar, I have all the information at the push of the button.

More importantly, I can add contact information for each swimmer and his parents. From email distributions to cell numbers, I have a simple contact list at the push of a button. Now, when there is a change to the carpool schedule, I can simply send a text via this app to our group. No more searching through my long contact list for the right number. The HomeTeam app does it all.

For anyone who has a more traditional team sport, like football, baseball, etc. I believe that this app would be invaluable. You can input everyone's name, jersey number and contact information into one single location. If we had this app during football season, I wouldn't have had to wait and wait for rainout information. It could have been sent once to everyone's contacts (email & cell) and I could have spent the day on my couch and not in the car.

The HomeTeam app is fully customizable with team colors, themes and pictures. Each player has his/her contact page with a place for parental information. Also, you can sort the schedule by upcoming games, practices and parties.

Plus, you can create multiple teams in this one app.Keep the MM1 Panthers separate from the MM2 Broncos. No more worrying that your family can't juggle multiple sports schedules.  Stay organized and keep on track with this app.

To see how other families use this app, check out the Facebook page at

The Home Team app is available for purchase at the iTunes store for $1.99

Are you ready to simplify your busy schedule?  Get the HomeTeam app today.

Disclosure: I wrote this review as part of a promotional piece.

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