Preparing for the holiday shopping season, are you ready?

When the calendar flips to November, I start planning my lists for holiday shopping. I am very fortunate to have lots of friends and family in my life. All of these wonderful people means that I do a lot of holiday shopping. While the gift doesn't have to be a large or expensive, I do want it to be different, unique or at least bring a smile to my recipient's face.

First on my shopping list are Christmas presents for the kids. I'm getting to the idea that my kids need one or two big toys and then a lot of little stocking stuffers. Sometimes the small, kitschy gifts are a bigger hit than a super expensive item. With Stars Wars being huge in my house, I like the idea of little Light Saber pencils or a little flying monkey can bring hours of entertainment on Christmas morning.  I want the Christmas stocking to be full of fun, silly items. Still, I am money conscious, so I don't want items that cost tons of money. Most of these little stocking stuffers are under $10, which is perfect for my budget.

The other long list of must buy for people are the ladies in my life. When it comes to buying Christmas presents for her, it can be a mind numbing experience. Which category should the gift fall under? Do I go with practical or funny, pampering or practical, or just throw my hands up in the air with disgust.

At the present moment, I'm thinking of giving my girlfriends wine themed gifts. From the giant wine glass to the hangover relief kit, all of the ladies will now have an excuse to get a night away from the kids. No matter what the key is to get them an item that she wouldn't buy for herself.

So with the gift giving season quickly upon us, think about your purchases before you make them. From setting a budget to thinking about the recipient, thought goes a long way in making the gift giving experience a good one. After all, no one wants to say humbug during the holidays.

Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a promotion.

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