Pilo 1: The Pillow Fairy, time to dream big - review

Do you have a night time routine in your house?  Even with an established routine, sometimes kids don't want to go to sleep. From an additional glass of water to more blankets, kids will think of many excuses to prolong the time before bed. But, when they fall asleep, vivid dreams can fill the night and awake their imagination.

The iPad app, Pilo 1: The Pillow Fairy shares the story of Pilo, a pillow fairy. Tommy, the main character of the story, doesn't want to go to sleep. To help him settle in for the night, Tommy's dad finds his childhood pillow. When Tommy drifts to dream land, Pilo, a pillow fairy comes to life. As Tommy and Pilo play in the dream world, they play games, go on adventures and meet new friends. The story shows children that nighttime and sleep is fun, not scary.

The best part about the Pilo 1:The Pillow Fairy is that the character can be customized. We choose Tommy because I have sons. If you have a little girl, your story can have Sunny, a little girl, as the main character. Also, you can customize Pilo, the pillow, with various colored outfits. Personally, the customization makes kids more invested in the story.

This story app is easy for younger children to follow as well as manipulate on their own. From pushing the button for the next scene to the activities on the story board, little children can act independently. One scene from the tale has an interactive puzzle piece. This activity is a good way for children to understand spacial placement and manipulation.

I think that this storybook app would be good upcoming holiday travel. The kids have to work with the app to make the story continue. They won't just zone out to a continual loop. The activity keeps them engaged without being annoying for the parents.

Pilo 1: The Pillow Fairy is available at the app store. It is free with additional story plots that can be purchased for $2.99.

If you are looking for more family friendly apps for your iPad, check our Pilo 1: The Pillow Fairy. Your kids might want to run to bed for their own dreamland games after watching the fun of Tommy and Pilo.

Disclosure: I wrote this review for the app company. All opinions are my own.

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