Displaying life's moments with Aluminyze - review

When you have kids you take a lot of pictures. From first day of school to team sports, the camera is constantly shooting. With all these photos, you need a way to display the best shots for all to see. Finding the perfect frame for the shelve can be expensive and time consuming. After all, you want to see the photograph, not the frame. That's why I've turned to Aluminyze

Aluminyze is a way of capturing life's most amazing moments on an aluminum. By printing on this special surface, the colors of your photograph are more vibrant. The print creates a sense of visual depth due to the illuminated colors. 

These frameless prints offer a variety of displaying options. From a simple easel display on a shelf to a place of honor on a wall, your print will command to be noticed in any room. 

I have an Aluminyze photo at my home. It is a football picture of my children. I choose it because I wanted to see how the colors would print on this type of a surface. I am completely sold on this printing technique. The photo of this print doesn't do the Aluminyze picture justice. The jersey colors shine and the smiles on the boys faces are energetic. The print captures their joy and makes me smile every time I look at it. 

Personally, I think that Aluminyze prints would be perfect as gifts. How often do you want to give a grandparent, friend or relative a memorable photo but you don't know how to present it. Buying a picture frame is tricky because you don't know how or where the recipient will display the photo. With Aluminyze you don't have to worry about all these concerns. The photo printed on aluminum is a gift that is ready to display. From table top to shelf, your gift is can go anywhere. 

Aluminzye has several different sizes, shapes and display options. When you upload your photo, you select the various options. Prices start at   $24.95 for a 5 x 7. 

This holiday season, ditch the old fashion, boring, and dull framed photographs. Turn the volume and display up a notch with  Aluminyze prints

Disclosure: I received this item to review. All opinions are my own.  


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