Candy overload, what to do with leftover Halloween candy

So the Halloween festivities are done. Those big bags of candy are staring at you. The kids ate too much sugar last night. If you're like me, a few of those goodies were eaten by yourself. Now what to do?  Personally, I don't want the candy in my house temping my diet will power.

Here are a few thoughts on using those leftover treats.

Donate: Of course, many families will share their treats with the office on Thursday morning, but some organizations may accept extra candy. Ask local dentists or food pantries if they will accept your donations. Operation Shoebox will send your treats overseas to the brave men and women serving our country.

Got a birthday? Fill a goodie bag: kids always a love a goodie bag at their parties. Put the Halloween candy aside for a November birthday party, Thanksgiving celebration or other group get together.

Make a gingerbread house. As the holidays approach many of us decorate gingerbread houses. Instead of buying new candy (which often isn't eaten off the house) save some of the colorful candy as gingerbread decorations. Your house will look unique and you can save a little money.

Start baking. Replace chocolate chips with candy bar pieces. From m&ms to butterfingers, spice up your cookie, cakes and other baked goods with all that Halloween candy. Can anyone say dessert pizza?

What are your favorite ways to use left over Halloween candy? Share you thoughts in the comments section.

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