NERF FireVision Football, lighting up the field - review

We are a football house. From Thursday night through Monday night, we are definitely ready for some football! Actually, football never really stops in our world. With the kids on teams, there isn't a day that doesn't go by without some type of football activity. So when NERF announced the new FireVision Football, I knew it was a must have for our house.

NERF FireVision Football is a new generation of NERF toy. It brings the classic NERF football to a new level with FireVision lights. Instead of just tossing around a ball, this football turns the game into a lighted, action packed adventure.

Participants were special FireVision glasses that allow players to see the lights on the football. Depending on your glasses, the football lights up red or green. Now when you play catch in the back yard, you don't have to go in as the sun sets. Dusk turns the game into a lighted catch experience.

My kids love watching the football fly with the FireVision glasses. They try to throw harder and harder to see the colors go across the yard. While there is no logic to their reasoning, they believe that green always scores (did I mention we're Packers fans).

Personally, I like that this game encourages them to practice. It puts a new spin on the classic game of catch. I no longer have to entice them to get in the back yard and catch. They willingly go out on their own.

NERF FireVision Football with 2 pairs of FireVision goggles retails for $19.99. Additional products in the FireVision line are also available.

Disclosure: I received this product to review via #GotItFree.

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