Monkey Mat, giving my kids a place to sit anywhere, review

Over time, I have found that being a prepared mom helps me feel less chaotic. Since I'm constantly going to place to place, I tend to keep my car stocked with lots of items. But, I don't want all the stuff in my car. No one wants to have a car full of junk. Personally, I like items that take up little space yet have multiple purposes.

How often do you get to a sporting event, concert or kid hangout and there is no where to sit. Of course, the ground is available, but the space is dirty, dusty or you would prefer a barrier between you and the ground. Now there is a convenient and easy way to give you and your family a place to sit. Check out the Monkey Mat, the portable mat for your and your monkeys.

Monkey Mat is the clean surface that you can take anywhere and everywhere. It is compact and fits in an attached storage pouch. (No more losing the carrying case). It has a large surface area at 5' x 5'. Plus the corners are weighted and have additional loops to ground the mat.

Two very important features are the mat can be machine washed and it is water repellant. Any mom knows how frequently kids spill. By being water repellant, liquids bead up on the surface so that you can quickly wipe it away. If anything large spills, the mat can be thrown into the washer. Quickly and easy clean-up is important in our house.

I keep our Monkey Mat in the car for wherever and whenever we need it. Since it is very compact, the pouch conveniently fits in my car's console. We have used the mat at swim meets and football games. It gives the kids a large enough surface to spread out and have space without rolling all over a dirty floor.

While using the mat at a recent swim meet, the Monkey Mat was a great way for the kids to have a surface on the ground that wasn't their swim towels. Since space is at a premium during these meets, the large size of the mat with chairs around the mat afforded us tons of space for the family without feeling crammed onto of each other.

Monkey Mat can be purchased online at . It comes in a variety of colors and  retails for $39.99.

Get your Monkey Mat today and never leave home without.

Disclosure. I received this product to review. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this post.

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