Best laid plans fall into printing with HP Deskjet Wireless e-All In One Printer

Recently, our family was given the opportunity to host a Fall into Fun Printing with HP Deskjet Wireless e-All-In-One-Printer. I was so excited. The boys have been asking to have friends over to play (not practice or compete, just play). Putting on my thinking cap, I thought that the boys would enjoy a scavenger hunt around our neighborhood. With all the fall decorations around and friendly neighbors, I knew that this idea would be a success.

I decided that I would pair a couple of kids with a parent and send them on their way. To modernize the hunt, the teams could take pictures with a parent's cell phone or electronic device. We would collect the pictures and print them on the HP wireless printer. With the HP wireless printer you can send pictures and documents directly from your phone. The printer has an email address. So if you are in the same room or across the world, you can send an item to print to my HP printer. Fast, easy and convenient for busy families. 

Remember it's lazer tag in blacklight
Well, my best laid plans were a bust when it rained, rained, and poured all day of our party. That's right from 8 am till well into the night a heavy, steady rain derailed my perfectly planned party. But we would not cancel our adventure, we would just modify it.

Eating pizza under the blacklights
Since I know that I wouldn't appreciate a parent sending boys out in the rain for a scavenger hunt, I quickly made a change of plans. Here comes laser tag for everyone! The kids were excited and the parents got to sit and relax inside a rain-free environment. I gathered all the kids, sent them to play and let the rest of the moms sit back and relax.

While we were at laser tag, I took a few pictures of the boys as we ate some pizza during break time. Then I sent the pictures to print on my HP Wireless printer. When I came home, I had a perfect thank you note to send all our guests. I saved time and my friends had a memento from our afternoon together.

I explained to my mom friends what I was doing. We all agreed that the wireless capabilities were great for our families. From sharing photos with grandparents far away (my relatives still prefer hard copy photos to be sent digital ones) to sharing recipes for the holidays, the eprint feature simplifies our busy lifestyle.

Another aspect that moms like about the HP wireless e-All-In-One Printer is that the printer and the XL ink cartridges are available at Walmart. We have a super Walmart close to our neighborhood. It is very convenient to make one stop for milk, birthday present and printer ink in one location (no one wants to drive all around). Since our school district gives nightly homework that must be printed from the computer, many of us know how quickly ink cartridges can run dry. Maximizing the printer ink cartridges is a priority for our families.

If you are thinking of upgrading your family printer, please consider the HP Deskjet 3052A Wireless e-All-In-One Printer. For convenience, simplicity and value, it can't be beat.

Disclosure: I hosted a MommyParties event. I was provided with items to host the party. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by any person or entity.

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