Ready to save the world from zombies, Halloween Way Costume review

Like many families, we have received many catalogs with numerous Halloween costumes. My son spent hours pouring over all the various options. Personally, I predicted that he would choose one of the Avengers characters or a Power Ranger. I was completely wrong. For this year's Halloween costume he choose a Zombie Hunter.

I wasn't sure where this idea came to his imagination. But, after our visit to Comic Con Chicago and his new favorite app Minecraft, I realized where this interest about zombies was created. Luckily, he didn't want to be a zombie, rather he wants to be the guy who saves us from the undead.

Here's my son as the Zombie Hunter. He's ready to grab his weapon and save me from those ghastly ghouls. The costume comes with the jacket, killer axe with zombie t-shirt, hat and bullet. We will provide the jeans (he's wearing shorts here) and some cool aviators sunglasses. The mean face is all his own.

For the school parade, we will modify the costume a little (no weaponry or bullets at school). Still, even with modifications, everyone will know what his costume represents. Personally, I like the idea that my son can use the costume after Halloween. Unlike some one-piece costumes, the various parts can be used together and apart for dress-up/imagination play for a long time. I could see him wanting to wear the zombie killer t-shirt for a long time after Halloween events.

This costume also comes in adult sizes. If your family is looking for a family themed costume, I could see a father/son zombie hunter duo.

The children's Zombie Hunter Costume retails for $47.99 at It comes in sizes medium, large and x-large.

So zombies watch out if you are lurking around our neighborhood this Halloween. The Zombie Hunter is will keep our streets safe.

Disclosure: I received this costume to review. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated.  

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