Life and food are inseparable from The Very First Bite - book review

Like many women, I have a love hate relationship with food. For me there is nothing better than a perfectly cooked medium rare steak with au-gratin potatoes, a full bodied Cabernet wine followed by a flour-less chocolate cake. Just writing these words makes my mouth water. But, I'm also doing a mental calorie count of all these decadent foods and deciding how many hours in the gym will be required to work off my delicious meal.

If this scenario sounds familiar, you will enjoy the new novel by Cynthia Langston, The Very First Bite. This novel is about a 30 something woman who is determined to look amazing for her upcoming high school reunion. From bad diets to overly ambitious exercise, her obsession leads her to the brink. In the end, she discovers that making peace with food, exercise, and most importantly herself, she can find a fulfilled existence.

Personally, I enjoy novels written by and for women. Since I am a young lady in my 30s I can relate to the fear of no longer fitting into the single digit size jeans. While I haven't had the dating issue in a while (thank goodness), I understand the concerns over looking good for your significant other, fitting into the sexy dress and feeling good about yourself.

The Very First Bite reads as if your are in the kitchen with Lanie (the main character) or part of her group of friends. The lighthearted yet compassionate descriptions reflect an understanding of well-rounded women characters who are relate-able to other women.  It is clear that this woman author understands the trials and tribulations that many of us have experienced.

Cynthia Langston also authored the book Bi-coastal Babe. This novel will be the basis for an upcoming television show on the CW called Trending. .

If you are looking for a fun read that will keep you laughing, give you hope and remember you that life is too short (eat cake first) At First Bite is a perfect read for you.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book to review. All opinions are mine and I was not compensated for this review.

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