I'm ready to take the 90 day challenge from Creative Bioscience

As the weather gets cooler, I get apprehensive. Why? Because jeans will become a staple in my wardrobe. Some women dread the summer months and shorts. For me, I dread jeans. Jeans, whether boot cut or skinny, are hard for me. The biggest thing that I need to do is be in good shape to pull of the cut and style that I want to wear. To give me a kick-start, I'm taking the 90 day Creative Bioscience challenge.

Creative Bioscience offers a full range supplements that can help you get into better shape. From appetite suppressants to energy boosters, there is a product that can help with your specific needs.

I'm going to try the Green Coffee Bean supplement. This supplement should help lost the fat. How?  According to the website "The chlorogenic acid in the fresh coffee beans works in two ways: it slows the release of glucose into your body, and at the same time it boosts your metabolism so you burn fat."

So I'm ready to start a new regime to be on the path to a looking good me.

Are you ready to join me? Come take the 90 challenge too http://www.creativebioscience.com/90-day-weight-loss-challenge.html

Disclosure: I am receiving this product to review. I was not compensated for this post.

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  1. The reason why a slower release of glucose into the body is good is because it increases the chance to be burned. When you eat, the food breaks down and enters the bloodstream. From here it is either escorted into the working cells or escorted to fat storage. The working cells can only accept so much at a time. The slower the release - the better chance it will be burned.