Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day with justWink cards - review

September 28 is National Good Neighbor Day. Our neighbors play an integral part in our daily lives. If you are lucky, your neighbors are actually good friends. In some cases, the people in the house next store may be the occasional dark shadow running out to get the mail. No matter which scenario exists in your world, wouldn't a simple thank you or hello in the form of a greeting card make that neighbor relationship better.

justWink is the first greeting card service that allows you to connect in all forms of media. From sending a paper card to electronic greetings, justWink allows you to connect everywhere and at anytime.

When you visit the  justWink website or phone app, the sender has several options to send her greeting. Cards can be sent via email, Facebook or paper mail. Each card varies in cost between $2.95-$4.99. 

The unique item about justWink cards is that your signature to the card. While many card companies can personalize with photos, text, etc., justWink allows you a way to actually sign via your computer's mouse your name. This extra touch adds a personal connection to each card sent.

justWink offers a large line of cards. From traditional birthday greetings to the silly, random notes, you will be able to find a card to express exactly what's on your mind. Personally, I adore the random notes cards. I have a weird sense of humor. The "on the fly" section has a lot of fun options when our friends get a little out of hand at the next party.

Put a smile on your neighbors' faces with a card from justWink this National Good Neighbor Day. Maybe we can put away the phrase fences make good neighbors this year.

Disclosure: I received justWink cards to participate in this post. All opinions are my own.

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