Can you block my path so that there is Nowhere To Go? Review/giveaway

Strategic thinking is critical in today's world. From performing well in school to even being a good football player, strategy is key to success. But explaining strategy to a kid can be difficult. A kid doesn't want to think about placement, planning, or contingencies. Kids want to act and the outcome just happens. But, I want my kids understand that a specific action incurs a specific result. So, how do I make this concept clear to my kids. I've found a game that is perfect - Nowhere to Go.

Nowhere to Go is a strategy game by Educational Insights. Two players battle to see how you can trap your opponent into no more moves. The object is to use your blocks to eliminate any possible moves over the bridges.

The game board is an unique hexagonal game board. Each player moves their space across the board. After his move, he places a block. The game continues until a player can longer move over a bridge.

What I like about this game is that the process promotes a discussion on strategy. First my kids would just move aimless around the board and place blocks around the edges. There was no thought about what they were trying to accomplish or the potential outcome of what their blocks meant. As they got better at the game, we were able to see patterns and possibilities in each block placement.

In our world, I was able to relate these game moves to play on the football field. We would compare the play of the game to their positions on the football field. For example, if I place a block directly in front of my opponent's spy, can he still move? Would a block to the side be more effective? Where will my opponent go if I block the path to the left? All of these questions are important when tackling and blocking on a football field. The more my kids understand the premise of strategical thinking the better they can react to a variety of situations.

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Disclosure: I received this game to review and giveaway. All opinions are mine.  


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