bd's Mongolian Grill, customizing the flavor to your preferences - review

Recently, I took my kids to bd's Mongolian Grill for the first time. If you aren't familiar with this popular restaurant, bd's Mongolian Grill allows you to control your meal. From the ingredients to the spices, you create the bowl which is cooked on the special "grill"

Knowing that my kids would be thrilled to watch their meal cooked on the grill, I wasn't sure how they would react to creating the meal portion. What I found that the bd's experience was a great way for them to try new flavors and eat more vegetables.

As we went through the line, I asked my kids to choose a meat. Since my kids are heavy meat eaters, they elected to have several different meats in their bowls. After adding chicken, sausage and sirloin, I encouraged them to add lots of veggies. With a little negotiation, we comprised that they needed to have 3 veggies in the bowl. Since there are so many options, it was easy to get 3 in their bowls. From carrots to peppers and broccoli and mushrooms, the bowl was a good combination of meat and vegetables.

Of course, you need to add spices and sauce. Whether you have a flavor in mind or need a suggestion, there are plenty of sauces, spices, and seasonings to bring out the best of your meal.

After the choices are made, you bring your creation to the special grill. The guys cook up your dinner and you are set to indulge.

When you return to your table, we could choose from white rice, brown rice and tortillas to enhance your meal.

I like the idea of coming to bd's Mongolian Grill as a family. The style and premise is a perfect way for kids to try new foods and flavors. Plus, the price for meal is great for a family.

Right now, bd's Mongolian Grill has a special customer appreciation event. With every meal purchase you get a game card that could win you free food for a year. For more information on this contest, please read the following article.

So this weekend, give your family a dinner out at bd's Mongolian Grill.

Disclosure: My family received a dinner at bd's Mongolian Grill Naperville so that I could review the experience. 

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