Where dinner may get your free food for a year, bd's Mongolian Grill celebrates 20 years

Is free food for a year an enticing promotion?  Think about it. Once a week, someone else would make you dinner with no strings attached. Plus, it's not the same food every week. You can customize the spice, ingredients and flavors to make each experience a different one. Would you take a chance to get this free food?  If the answer is yes, make sure that you visit your local bd's Mongolian Grill during its 20 Anniversary promotion.

 A restaurant's success is dependent on several is dependent on many factors, but customer loyalty is utmost important to a restaurant's longevity. bd's Mongolian Grill wants to show its loyal customers that they appreciate their patronage with the 20th anniversary scratch and win game.

Beginning Labor Day weekend, customers will receive a special scratch off card with each meal purchase. These cards offer patrons the chance to win some amazing prizes. From free appetizers and entrees to discount offers, these winning game pieces can be redeemed on your next visit, September 7 through October 7.

Since this is a momentous anniversary celebration, there are some huge prizes up for grabs. Twenty lucky guests at each restaurant will be awarded the grand prize, which is free food for an entire year.

Why is bd's Mongolian Grill giving away so many prizes? The restaurant understands that its loyal customers have been the key factor in its success and longevity. This special promotion is the company's way of saying thank you.

Are you familiar with these restaurants? bd's Mongolian Grill is the create your own stir-fry chain. Start your culinary experience by choosing meats or seafood followed by a variety of of vegetables and flavorful sauces. All food is cooked on a Mongolian style flat top grill. Eat a little or eat a lot, you are in control of your dinner experience.

There are a total of 33 bd's Mongolian grill locations nationwide, plus a franchise in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.

Next time your family is thinking of a night out, consider celebrating bd's Mongolian Grill 20th anniversary. You might just win the prize of food for a year.

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