Keeping kids entertained the creative way with Ocean Coloring Book - review

Are you planning a last minute summer vacation? Time to pack of the family and head away for a few days of fun and frolic?  What are you going to do to keep the kids occupied while you are traveling?  Think about it. Whether you are crammed into a plane or stuck in the mini-van, kids (and sometimes adults) need activities to keep them occupied (and not bored).

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you know how these devices can be a wonderful distraction. From games to educational apps, there are many options to make those long hours seem like only a minimal amount of minutes.

One of the apps that I've installed my both my iPhone and iPad is the Ocean Coloring Book. I really like this app because the kids can express their creativity. It's just like having a coloring sheet and crayons in the car or at dinner, but without the mess.

There is a large selection of sheets to choose. From a crab to a mermaid, kids will find a design that will spark their imagination. Or, choose your own photo from the photo album to color.

Personally, I like the large color selection available on the app. Gone are the simple primary colors. There are numerous shades of blues, reds and greens. Plus, you can color whole sections using the paint bucket tool or draw smaller lines. If can dream the design, you can create it.

Plus, if you want to start over, simply shake your iPhone or iPad and all your coloring is gone. This app is great for all ages because it is easily adaptable to the user's skills.

The Ocean Coloring Book app is available at the Apple App Store. It is created by Peep Software.

Next time you turn to your apps for a distraction, choose one to express your creative side. Check out the Ocean Coloring Book.


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