Danze, stainless steel kitchen faucet, updating my kitchen with style - review

During the past few months, our family has decided to make a few changes in our house. After living in our house for many years, there are certain items that need a little freshening up. We don't need to do major demolition (thank goodness) but I wanted to do more than just some new throw pillows.

When I look around our house, I see that everything still looks good. Even with two little ones and several years of use, nothing is falling apart. But, styles have changed over the years. Also, after living in a house, you know what you like, what you don't and what you want to change.

One area that we decided to update is the kitchen. A simple area to update without huge costs is the sink area. A new kitchen faucet can make a big impact without becoming a huge, strenuous task.

We decided to pair a new Danze  stainless steel kitchen faucet with our Innermost Perfect Drain Sink.

Our choice was the Parma™  Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Spray. The modern design in stainless steel compliments the kitchen but adds a contemporary flair.

One of the biggest improvements in my faucet is the water pressure. My previous faucet had a drizzle of water (definitely not good when you have lots of dirty dishes). The Danze faucet offers a strong, steady stream of water. When I'm rinsing dishes, I don't have to over-scrub. The leftover messes are blasted away.

Another aspect to this faucet that I now can't live without is the sprayer. When I'm in the kitchen I want tools with heft. This sprayer has the weight that feels solid in my hand. Also, the spray is powerful. I'm not sitting tens of minutes to fill a water pitcher or bucket. The stream of water is full and vigorous.

Also, this faucet is not too tall. My previous faucet would get in the way of my kitchen window and shelf. I constantly banged the top of the faucet with my dishes or I couldn't reach over to the shelf. The Danze faucet is sleek and the right height where I don't constantly bang it. I no longer worry about filling my big pasta pot or lemonade dispenser.

For those DIY people out there, I can't give too many install tips. Since I am not a handy person, I had my handi-man come and install the faucet. According to him, the faucet is very easy to install. His strong pro comment was how the faucet installs with two screws. Apparently, this is a big deal and saved him a lot of time during the install.

If you are interested in updating your kitchen with a new faucet check out Danze's options. Items can be purchased on-line at www.danze.com or a various retailers across the nation. Prices for these faucets range, but fall around several hundreds of dollars.Danze also offers a products for bathrooms.

Don't waste any more time. Add some splash and pizzazz to your kitchen with a new faucet from Danze

Disclosure: I received this Danze faucet to review. I was not compensated for this post.