What To Do With An Extra $10,000 A Week

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What if you had an extra $10,000 a week to spend? It’s the stuff of daydreams, but if it actually does happen to you it’s going to feel very overwhelming. Your life will change, but it will only change for the better if you make smart decisions. Think about how to spend your winnings before you make any big plans, and you’ll get a lot more out of that extra $10,000.

How to Spend Your Winnings

Winning sweepstakes and lotteries is truly thrilling, and it’s something RewardIt offers every single day. After you’ve been dreaming about money, suddenly getting it is a very heady experience. It’s tempting to run right out and buy shoes, clothes, jewelry, everything in sight. There’s nothing wrong with a shopping spree or two -- after all, you’ve earned it -- but you should also find safe, smart ways to spend your winnings while you’re at it.

Invest. Put a little bit of your money into safe investments, and help that extra $10,000 a week grow. People always say it takes money to make money. Well, you’ve got money. Use it to buy bonds that will only grow in value. Keep your bonds in a secure location, such as a safe or bank deposit box, until you cash them in years down the road.

Home. With an extra $10,000 a week, you can certainly afford to purchase property. Land is a good investment. Look for property with natural features, such as an ocean view, woods or a lake. This property will always have some inherent value because of the natural beauty, and you will always have a place to call your own.

Savings. If you’re making thousands of extra dollars a week, set up some special savings account to deposit a portion of that money weekly. You can fund the future of your children and other family members using this money, establishing college and home funds for them to ensure they’ll live happier, more productive lives.
Winning Cash Prizes

It’s always fun to win cash prizes, because everyone always needs money. Any amount of extra money, whether it’s weekly or just a one-time prize, can be a big help. RewardIt offers cash sweepstakes in different amounts all the time. Winning prizes, even coupons and discount offers, is a great way to save money. The more money you save, the more you’ll have to spend on the stuff that you really want.



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