Did you find the clues to discover mysterious "A"? Pretty Little Liars on DVD

I love a good mystery. Since I tend to have a decent memory, I enjoy the game of putting together a series of clues to deduct the answers. Sometimes, I have to find a very small clue to my mind put together all the bigger pieces of the puzzle.If you are a fan of Pretty Little Liars, you know that there are many clues that could help you determine which character is the mysterious "A."

For those of you who aren't fans of Pretty Little Liars, here is a little background. Four teenage girls bond over the mysterious disappearance and death of their former best friend and queen bee. Mixed in with normal teenage drama, these girls get messages from an anonymous "A"  "A" knows everything about the four girls, including many of their misdeeds.

As the series unfolds, there are several clues about the identity of "A."  For example, little items that seem unimportant might hold huge significance. In the final episode of Season 2, who would have thought that a piece of gum could leave to "A's" identity. Is liking a brand of gum proof that that character is "A"?  Maybe that one piece of evidence isn't enough but when you combine it with sweaters and a hoodie, you have your answer.

In the end of Season 2, one mystery may be solved, but other questions are raised. Did Mona act on her own or was she influenced by another person seeking revenge. More will be revealed in Season 3. Keep your eyes peeled for all the subtle clues. Be a careful detective and you will not be fooled.

Want to see all the clues that you missed last season?  Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Season  is available on DVD.

Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for Pretty Little Liars.

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