Big savings at Target

With the sun shining and the temperatures rising, everyone could use lots of new items. From house to body, the summer is a perfect time to spruce everything up a little.

Target is a great place to find everything that you need. From clothes to grills and furniture to flip flops, a Target store has you covered.

Personally I like shopping at Target. My biggest complaint is that I spend too much money. The best way for me to spend less is to bring the kids shopping. When the kids are with me, I don't tend to roam the aisles looking for deals or new products.

Any mom who gets the privilege to shop alone (or even with one child) knows how you get to actually look at products. Who knew there will some many Cheerios flavors or new nail polish that can make patterns. Many of my shopping trips involve the super fast scamper up and down the aisles to get weekly essentials. If it's not by the milk, juice or bread it might as well not exist.

When I do have the opportunity to browse, I am aware of a whole new world of products Sometimes I can be a sucker for "clearance" tags. Yes I love a good deal. When I can get an item for a super low cost, I'm all in. Unfortunately, the good deal may be for a product that I don't necessarily need or don't need currently. One of my biggest problems is that I buy an item for future use and forget that I have it.

For example, last year I bought a few kids bathing suits when they went on clearance. The deal was great. Swimsuits were less than $5. When you have 2 swimmers who are constantly in a pool, you come to realize that you need a lot of swim suits. Yes, I got a great deal, but I can't find them. See, I up the suits away for the winter and now they aren't in my hiding place. What happened to them I don't know. I'm sure that I will find them come November when it starts to snow. I definitely need a system.

Even with my misplaced items I love shopping at Target. This store offers big sales and great Target coupons, especially a coupon from I know that I will save money on my entire purchase.

So if you are stocking up on summer items, think about shopping at Target. You might have a few extra dollars to buy yourself a latte.


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