, stop last minute scrambling for a perfect card

How many of you out there are scouring the card shops looking for a Mother's Day car?  The shelves are looking a little bleak. Not to mention that you have to find a stamp and mail the card (doubting that it will arrive in time). What if there was a website that could remind you to send a card, personalize the card for you and mail it? is that website.  offers a huge selection of card for every occasion. Most importantly, these cards aren't your plain, old boring greeting cards. Each card can be personalized with photos, messages and whatever your creativity deems important.

We've all been at card stores and spent too long searching for the right card. Either the saying is too mushy or the sentiment isn't right for the recipient. With, you can express yourself in a personal way. Also, if you are at a loss for words, don't worry. There is a message library that can help you find just perfect phrase.

Another fun part of the personalization is photos. Many of the cards can insert photos in addition to your messages. Photos can be uploaded from Facebook, Flickr Picasa, SmugMug and Shutterfly. With our kids' grandparents not being on Facebook, they often miss pictures from some of our events. Now, I can easily send them a card the next day with the best photo from the weekend.

My absolute favorite part about is the reminder service. I admit that I can forget birthdays. It's not intentional, but there is a lot on my plate. A card service that reminds and sends the card for me simplifies my life.  With you can import important dates from your Facebook account or add them yourself. No more belated cards from our house.

With Graduations and Father's Day just around the corner, sign-up for today. It's time to treat yourself to personalized cards made easy. 

I Disclose.

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