Let your fingers do the talking, Chuck Season 5 available on DVD/Blu-Ray

There is a scary word to anyone who gets on a computer, hacked. You have received the emails, twitter messages, maybe even your credit card number was used inappropriately. Being hacked is something that many of us computer novices are scared might happen to us. But what if you were tech savvy? Would you still have the fear?

In episode 'Chuck Versus the Hack Off' in Season 5 of Chuck, Chuck must help the team infiltrate and grab the super virus, the Omen virus. Chuck accomplishes his goal because he is a super hacker.

I watch these types of episodes in awe. Yes, I'm computer literate. Of course, I'm the person in the house to set up the computers, remotes, basically all the electronic devices. It isn't because I went to school in these areas; rather, I have more interaction with these devices versus my husband.

Recently I reworked our entertainment system. From new remotes to programming the television system, I was happy to get everything set-up via wireless (on the first try). After reading a few articles and familiarity myself with the devices, I found that I could accomplish my goal. In a few shorts hours, everything was complete. When my husband came home, he was happy that I didn't have to spend money for a tech to come to our home. I learned that I'm capable of much more than I realized and technical items are intimidating.

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 Be grateful that these tech geeks are on our side

Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for 'Chuck.'

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