Kids can get Nooks too from Naperville Public Library

We all know that technology is a constant in our daily lives. From laptops to tablets to ereaders, we all need to keep up with the changes or we will be left behind.

Naperville Public Library wants to give our youngest kids a great advantage by allowing them access to Nooks. NPL has special Nooks that are loaded with just kids books. Currently, there are 11 Nooks available with specially loaded kids' titles.

According to the Nichols Librarian Susan Stumbaugh, the titles on the kids Nooks were chosen with kids in mind. From picture books to graphic novels, the titles were chosen to foster a love of learning. Books were selected from the following genres historical fiction, mystery, sports, school, adventure, humorous books, fantasy, nonfiction, picture books, graphic novels, and realistic fiction.

Kids have a tendency to learn from their parents. In many homes ereaders and tablets are common. Offering the kids their own version of these popular devices keeps the kids technology current. In my opinion, ereaders hopefully will never replace printed book. There is nothing better than holding a book and turning the page.

Naperville Public Library has a total of 11 kid Nooks available for 3 week loan periods. All eReader devices must be brought into a branch for return. Dropping the device in a book drop results in a $5 fine. Late fees are $1 a day.

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