The rain is coming, get a tarp

With all this beautiful weather in my area, I hate to think that the ball is going to drop. I know that I sound like a downer, but I can't help but wonder. I've been taking advantage of all the sunshine by getting the yard ready, moving patio furniture and cleaning up the grills. Still I have this nagging feeling that the shoe is about to drop.

Because I like to be prepared, I have a few back-up plans in place in case the weather might turn. One item that we keep in our house is a tarp. Instead of bringing everything into the house, I can put a tarp over the patio furniture to keep it safe from the weather. We usually secure the tarps with a few bungee cords so that nothing blows away in the strong wind. Tarps are easy to clean up and put away when I'm done too.

We also have used a big blue tarp during one of my kid's birthday parties. We had the party set up outside and then it looked like it was about to pour buckets. We covered our deck and patio area with two big tarps. We were able to grill all the food and maintain a little extra space outside when the clouds opened.

Tarps aren't just the canvas drop cloth types that you use for painting. Whether you need to cover some outdoor patio furniture or keep rain drops off your guests, tarps can come cover your needs. Keep a few in your house. You never know when they might come in handy.

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