Prophecy of the Flame, when games turn into reality, review

Recently I was given the opportunity to review Prophecy of the Flame by Lynn Hardy. I was pleasantly surprised with the storyline and characters of this novel.

Usually, I gravitate to mysteries and detective novels. I really like characters that are developed and make me want to rout for their success. I found myself routing for the main character of Prophecy of the Flame, Reba.

Prophecy of the Flame is a story of a group of people who start playing a role-playing game (think Dungeons and Dragons) when suddenly their game becomes real. These strangers are thrust into a completely new world where they have assumed their characters from the game. Far from their normal lives in a world completely unlike their own, these characters must help battle this new world's dangerous enemy. Each person must learn their new powers and aid their new countrymen.

What I liked about this book is the main character, Reba. Long removed from the boring wife, Reba must control her new magical powers to aid in the battle. Reba shows how a woman can struggle with confidence. While she knows her power is great, the cautious balance between a woman's role and her power is quite delicate. A well rounded character, I want Reba to win, to achieve, and to excel.

Reba isn't the only character in the book. From the princes to the magicians, these vastly different people are able to work together to fight the common enemy. I enjoyed the comedic moments and was intrigued by the battles. In all, the Prophecy of the Flame is an enjoyable read.

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