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Treasure Hunt
Prophecy of the Flame – The Dream Cast #9

This post is part of the POTF Treasure Hunt where 1 (one) in 50 (fifty) entries will win a Full Cast Audio Book from For more details visit the facebook event page:

Prophecy of the Flame - Book One became #1 on Amazon Kindle in 2010 and has recently been picked up for a movie. 

It’s not like Spielberg called. This will be an independent film, but a film like none other.  The purpose, of what we are calling the Prophecy Project, isn’t a political statement or a debut of some new special effect: The purpose of the Prophecy Project is to entertain millions across the nation with a movie whose net proceeds will help families that are struggling and have lost everything in this recession

As the author, I have donated 100% of my proceeds from Prophecy of the Flame – Book One to Agape (uh-GOP-pay) Assistance – a 501 (c)(3) that I founded to help families in need. The proceeds from the movie will also go to this charity as well. 

If everyone who hears about the Prophecy Project and will donate the minimum amount ($1) then Agape will be able to receive 100% of ALL proceeds from this nationwide film. Donations at the Kick-starter event will earn supporters a unique gift designed for the Prophecy Project.

The storyline is a basic fish out of water romantic comedy set in a world of fantasy and magic: Five strangers are zapped into a world of magic and given the looks and abilities of the people they were pretending to be.

I have pictured the characters in Prophecy of the Flame for so long... I often watch movies and ask myself – does this star have a part in my cast?

 Jerik the Dwarf... who can play a good dwarf. If John Rhys Davies can be whittled down to size for Lord of the Rings, I am sure many other actors can as well. My personal favorite is a guy I saw on the new series Grimm. Brad William Henke played a Blutbad named Hap. I’ve seen Brad in many roles. The way he speaks, like words don’t come easy, is exactly what I am looking for when I think of Jerik.

Good Luck and Good Hunting!
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