How long does your laptop battery last?

Since we're constantly on the go, I rely on a laptop sometimes. It's a necessary evil when we're traveling. I'm not a huge fan of our laptop because it seems that the battery is constantly dying. I'm not sure why this battery dies constantly but it does. It is very frustrating to get all your work out and ready only to have the battery be gone.

I'm not sure the typical lifespan of a laptop battery. Does over-use or age affect the re-chargeable nature of the battery? Can a battery be replaced?  Does it matter the type of laptop?I've heard that Dell Laptop Batteries last a long time. Does anyone have any advice on this comment? 

Luckily many things that our family needs can be done on our phones and tablets. Now if I remember to charge them in a timely fashion. Can't be without my phone!


  1. I've owned three Mac laptops (two of those oooold clamshells, and now an iBook G4). In my experience, overuse has been the most detrimental to my batteries' health. I've had this particular computer for like three years now, and the battery is just starting to go. Well, it's gone now, but only recently. It lasts for about 30 minutes. Maybe.

  2. Here's a tip...if you plan on using your laptop for a prolong amount of time....take the battery out and just run off the wall. It not only saves the battery but it also help with the life of your computer.
    My computer has lasted quite awhile.