Have you thought about Mother's Day gifts?

I know that it's the beginning of March, but have you thought about what you will get the special mom in your life? Making sure that your mom, grandmother or mother figure is recognized on Mother's Day is very important. I know that I enjoy at day of relaxation, family time and a little pampering.

What do you think are the best gifts for Mother's Day? Some people enjoy sending flowers and candy. Other ideas could be a photo canvas or wall art. Possibly you could purchase a piece of jewelry, if you want to splurge a little.One popular jewelry piece is birthstone necklace or ring. This piece of jewelry incorporates the birthstones of your children into a ring or necklace. It's great way to bring a little piece of your children everywhere. Other jewelry options could be your children's portrait on a locket. There are tons of possibilities.

Of course it's a great idea to get the kids involved in the gifts for Mother's Day. Kids can create a piece of pottery, coffee mug or a personalized card. The best part about these gifts is that the child created it himself.One year my husband took my kids to a pottery store. The boys made a plate that incorporated their hand-prints. The boys painted the plate then added their hand-prints on-top. Of course they had a little help from the staff writing their names and the date. We use this special plate on many holidays, parties and other special occasions.

Do you have some Mother's Day Gift ideas? Has your family given you a gift that you absolutely loved?  Do you have a great idea for this year?  Share you ideas with all of us.

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