Finding unique storage solutions for kids' stuff

Some days I am overwhelmed. It seems like my kids stuff is everywhere. From shoes to toys, it seems that the floor is covered with stuff. If I'm not tripping over a sneaker or a ball, I'm falling over sport backpacks. No matter how often I tell them to put stuff away, the items just seem to reappear. I am in need of storage solutions.

Of course, there are lots of storage options. But I want something different. To me, the line of plastic bins is not attractive. I want to find something different and fun to keep my kids' stuff away neatly. One idea that I saw in a magazine were kids lockers.

To me there is a fun quality to using lockers for kids bags, shoes and other items. Yes, there is a school like quality, but I like the industrial look. For a mud room or laundry room, these lockers could be very useful for boots, shoes and backpacks. The kids can drop their items into the lockers on their way into the house. No more stuff being dumped in the family room.

Next time you are scratching your head about storage solutions for all your stuff. Think about children's lockers. It just might get the job done.

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