Don't let bookmarks leave you lost, Clipix and stay organized

Do you have a never ending list of bookmarked websites?  If you have more than 10 site bookmarked, it may become a burden to find anything that you really want. One website might fall through the cracks and you'll miss a great deal or a special show. No one wants to miss an opportunity.

There's a new website that all you to "clip" a website so that you be able to return to it easily. It's called clipix

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Clipix gives you the opportunity to clip a website so that you can quickly and efficiently return to it again and again. Clips are organized by any theme you want. Whether you are a news junkie or a blog lover, you can create a board with all your favorite websites. This way you'll be on top of all the latest and greatest developments in the websites that you love.

Check out this video for more infomation.

Clipix is also a great way to share your recommendations with friends and family. Clipix offers Syncboards. This options allows you to sync various websites with friends and family. I'm sure that you have a friend who always asks about the best deals website. Of course, you've told her over and over, but she never remembers. Now you can syncboard with her. She can have that deal website at her fingertips.

Another Clipix feature is multiboards. This is a great way to group multiple boards by a single category. Who knew that website organization could be so easy.

How would you use Clipix?  Would you sync with family or create lots of multiboards?  Share you share your thoughts in the comments section.

Don't miss out on another opportunity or a breaking news story. Check out Clipix today and keep favorite websites organized.

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