Do you want to redecorate?

Sometimes I think about redecorating my house. Whether it is simple paint color or more dramatic construction, the idea of creating something new is exciting. Recently I've been toying with the idea of updating my house with some simple furniture changes. 

I'm not exactly sure the design style that I want. Sometimes I see the sleek modern bar stools and think that they might be great. But I have kids. So possibly antique white counter stools might be a better approach. Changing the bar stools can make a big impact with just a little effort. 

Of course, if I change some items in my kitchen, I might have to change some other items in my house. For example some armless upholstered chairs might make a nice addition to the dining room. Previously I added a new rug, so I could easily coordinate colors. Color changes often make a dramatic change. 

All of these minor improvements seem easy and require minimum effort. I'm not a really handy person. After all I don't want to wind up in an arm sling from Walmart

Now, the true test of a noticeable change will be my husband's reaction. If he sees a difference I know that I've accomplished my goal. 

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