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Since the age of ten, I've worn eyeglasses. Long ago, it wasn't cool to walk in on your first day of school with new glasses. I was different than my friends. Plus, my prescription wasn't simple. So my glasses were a little thicker than normal. Back then, I would do anything to get rid of my glasses.

Today things are different. Eyeglasses are cool and sheik. There are so many styles and designs, everyone and anyone can find an option to fit her personality.

The only downside to eyeglasses  is that they can be expensive. Like any accessory, a girl wants to have many options for her wardrobe. When eyeglasses cost hundreds of dollars, not many people can afford multiple pairs of eyeglasses.

Luckily there are many online eyeglass retailers that offer cheap eyeglasses. I know that you're thinking, cheap must mean low quality. That's where you are wrong. Buying eyeglasses online from a reputable retailer saves you money but doesn't mean lower quality. For example, offers thousands of frames that are stylish,  affordable, and well made.

Still many people are wearying of ordering their eyeglasses online. Will  they fit correctly, how do I know if my prescription is correct, what if I need a replacement pair?  When you order from a well know website, you get the same service as any other eye glass retailer.

At, you can upload your doctor's prescription to your account. It will be saved for future reference. Plus, you can virtually try on sales and frames to see which pair will work for your face. It's easy. Plus, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all order.

Still not convinced. What if I could offer you a savings to try it. Go to right now you can receive 20% off an order over $80 and free shipping with the code FS20. Spending a little less?  Use code Blog10 to get 10% off any prescription glasses.

What are you waiting for?  Don't be in a style rut.  Show off your stylish persona with new glasses from today.

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