Rocketfish Advanced Series Stand, making my life easier, review

I love my iPad. For me, I'm never without it. From working to play, the iPad is a constant in my busy life.

With the holidays in full swing, I've been using my iPad instead my cookbook. There are so many on-line recipes that I love. I don't want to waste all that paper printing everything. So, the iPad is in the kitchen with me. The only downside to using my iPad was that I couldn't have it propped up for easy viewing. But, I've found the perfect solution, Rocketfish™ -Advanced Series Stand for Most Touch-Screen Devices.

Rocketfish™ - Advanced Series Stand for Most Touch-Screen Devices, available at Best Buy, is the easy way to use your iPad or other touch-screen device hands-free. The stand can be used with your device placed vertically or horizontally. With or without your iPad cover, the device easily slips into the device.

What I like about the Rocketfish stand  is that I can easily view my iPad. Either vertically or horizontally, the iPad is at a good reading height. 

In the kitchen, the stand makes reading recipes while cooking very easy. I can place it on my counter-top, away from the mess, but within easy reach. For me, this device is extremely useful. 

When I'm not actively using the iPad, I've left it in the stand and used it like a digital picture frame. It's a great way to showcase all our vacation photos. Plus, I can run music at the same time. It's a great way to combine all my digital devices. 

The Rocketfish Advanced Series Stand for Most Touch Screen Devices is available at Best Buy. It retails for $29.99. 

If you are looking for a new iPad or touch screen device accessory for your Christmas list, the Rocketfish Advanced Series Stand for Most Touch Screen  would make a great choice.

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