Rocketfish car mount for the iPad 2, making the long car ride bearable - review

If you've made a long car trip with kids, you know that it can be a nightmare. From the fidgeting to the fighting, it's enough to make you never want to spend another minute in the car again.

Like many families, we have an in-car DVD system. But the single screen usually creates bickering because no one wants to watch the same movie.

Now I have an iPad, which could prevent the movie problem. But, no parent wants a little person spilling on or dropping the iPad. Luckily now there's an in car solution for the iPad, the Rocketfish Car Mount for the iPad 2.

The Rocketfish Car Mount for the iPad 2 is designed to mount to a vehicle's dual-post headrest. It clips into the headrest for easy installation. Plus, it is adjustable for multiple viewing angles.In addition to the car use, the mount can be used as a viewing stand.

What I like about the car mount is that the kids can watch a movie, but keep their hands (and drinks/food) away from my iPad. We can plug in the headphones and they can watch a movie or listen to music. It solves the battle over what to watch. Plus, with headphones, I don't have to hear another SpongeBob movie. Everyone is happy. 

Rocketfish Car Mount for the iPad 2 is available for purchase at Best Buy. It retails for $59.99.

Make your next car trip more enjoyable with the Rocketfish Car Mount for the iPad 2. With this very useful accessory, you might not mind those extra hours in the car.

Disclosure: I have received the reviewed product from Best Buy for free.  For my complete disclosure policy, please visit


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