Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol, haven't seen it yet?

If you look at the box office numbers from last weekend, it seems that everyone went to see Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol. This movie is the latest installment of the Mission Impossible series.

Ethan Hunt is back with the latest installment in full IMAX action. With over 30 minutes of IMAX scenes, this latest edition of Mission Impossible will keep you glued to your seat.  

Personally, I love IMAX movies. From the flying to the jumping, I feel as if I'm part of the movie. I can't wait to sit in the theater and see Tom Cruise jump from the world´s tallest building; the Burk Khalifa Tower in Dubai. For me, movies create a great escape from the daily grind. 

Just check these scenes from Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol here

Plus, for anyone who sees Mission Impossible, you will get to see a preview of Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises,

So before all the New Year's Eve parties, head to your local IMAX theater and check out Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol.  It will start your new year with a thrill. 

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