Make it, guess it, win it - Morphology, creativity and fast thinking, REVIEW

What can you do with a string, cubes, beads and some sticks? Could you create a volcano or a punkin chunkin' trebuchet?  Would anyone be able to guess your picture?

That's the premise of Morphology. Morphology is a game that uses your creativity in a fun and engaging way. With a variety of items (string, sticks, beads, etc), a player creates a picture of the word she is dealt. For example, you get the word light bulb. The player takes the string and creates the shape of a light bulb. Everyone who is guessing the picture would get that - right? Sounds easy right? 

The fun part of Morphology is gathering lots of different people together to play. When different genders and generations play together, you can get some usual pictures.

Over the holidays, we have been playing a lot of games. We played Morphology with my extended family over Thanksgiving, with adults and kids joining in on the fun. There were a few disagreements and a lot of laughs. We played boys against girls and  old against young.  The best version of the game was what we called minimalist. You could use 5 pieces or less to create your word. Trust me those pictures became a little difficult to guess.

The most important about Morphology is getting people together and interacting. With this game,  no one feels left out when they can't answer a trivia question. As you get better with the play, the game can be adapted and grow with the users.

While this game is recommended for ages 13 and up, I've been using the game with my boys. Sometimes my son has problems pronouncing words clearly. It can get boring looking at words and making him pronounce them. So, I've borrowed the concept from Morphology to help them guess words he has difficulty saying. I take the cards with words that are hard for him to pronounce. It's making his learning much more fun.

Morphology was named the #2 game of the year by Time Magazine (2010), Chicago Tribune 2010 Top Ten Game to Help Get a Party Started and Top Party Game of the Year nominee in 2011.

Morphology can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, Marbles The Brain Store and on-line at  It retails for approximately $29.99.  For more information on Morphology, please visit their website at, Facebook page and Twitter account.

Don't let your next holiday party or family gathering become dull. Add a little Morphology to the mix and let the laughter begin.

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