Two Broke Girls and the People's Choice Awards, a winning combination

I like to laugh. Watching a good comedy at night is a perfect way for me to relax at the end of the day. One new comedy that always provides a good laugh is Two Broke Girls.

Two Broke Girls is the story of Max and Caroline. These two girls are working in a diner and trying to make enough money to live. Max is from a working class background, while Caroline is the daughter of disgraced banker. These girls strive for the same dream, to open their own cupcake shop. With the goal of $250,000 for their cupcake shop shining in their future, these girls live in the moment with the funds that they have.

This show is full of laughs. From the unusual customers in the restaurant to the craziness of the girls' employer, the mishaps make me giggle.

But the underlying premise of the show is what keeps me coming back. At the end of each show, there is tally of money raised for the cupcake shop. The girls show that no matter what happens, they are still striving for their goal. Some days might be easy other days might be horrendous, but the goal remains the same.

I like the idea that everyone has a dream. In today's society, so many of us put our dreams aside for the practical or mundane. But without a dream, a life can be unfulfilled. I have many dreams from traveling to Africa to racing a triathlon. Each dream requires numerous preparations but the ultimate goal will be worth the difficulties.

Two Broke Girls has been nominated for a People's Choice Award. If you like Two Broke Girls, make sure that you vote for it as Best New TV Comedy.

Haven't seen Two Broke Girls?  Be sure to check it out Monday nights on CBS, right after Two and a Half Men.

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