HOTPANTS, giving me the jeans size I want, review

I work hard to feel good about myself and look good. So I watch what I eat and exercise. Even with all these positive activities, I am always looking for a little boost to kick my plan into overdrive. One item that has helped my jeans zip a little easier is HOTPANTS.

What are HotPants?  HotPants are specially designed sports shorts that contain bio-ceramic technology. Basically, these pants use your natural body heat to reduce cellulite.

These pants work by increasing your body's perspiration. The increased perspiration will cause a decrease in the appearance of cellulite. HotPants can be worn during a workout to maximize the effect of the bio-centric technology.

I'm sure that you are thinking - gimmick - but no these work. For the past two weeks, I've been wearing my pair of HotPants around the house, to the gym, and sitting on the couch. While I haven't lost 2 jean sizes, my size 8 pair of jeans now fit comfortably. I've noticed that my thigh and stomach cellulite is less obvious. These pants have helped in my difficult areas. Overall, I am very pleased with the results.

HotPants definitely make you sweat. While wearing the HotPants, I never feel hot. Usually I wear them under yoga pants to the gym or around the house. They are comfortable to wear. But, when you take the HotPants off, you will see the effect. For me, my thighs are drenched in sweat (and I never knew it while wearing them). I definitely wear the HotPants before my morning shower. Immediately I have seen a difference in the appearance of cellulite.

HotPants are available on-line at  HotPants retail for $70.77 and are shipped from the United Kingdom (Zaggora is a UK based company).

With all the holiday parties and New Years events around the corner, give yourself a present. Buy a pair of HotPants and show off your hot self in those tight jeans.

Disclosure: I received a pair of HotPants to review, but I did not receive additional compensation. All opinions are 100% mine. For my complete disclosure policy, please see

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