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We live in a very past paced world. When there is an easy fix to a big problem, many people will jump at the opportunity. Whether it is miracle pill or special apparel, the quick fix may not live up to the hype.

Everywhere you turn, our country is suffering from a culture where many people are overweight. This problem weighs on many aspects of our society. From food costs to health care, weight related issues have a huge impact.

We all hear it often that a better diet and more exercise can help with our ever expanding waist lines. But, these changes require hard work. It's not easy heading to the gym everyday or eating salad instead of a big juicy hamburger. Many people will look for a product that will give them an advantage to losing weight. One product that many people used was the Reebok Easy Tone shoes and apparel. The idea behind these products was great. An added boost to your every day activities and you'll be closer to your weight loss gold.

Unfortunately, some individuals claimed that the Reebok claims went too far and filed a lawsuit against Reebok and its Easy Tone products. Many individuals joined together in a class action to bring their claims against Reebok. This lawsuit was recently settled by the two parties. For the complete settlement, please see Reebok settlement  .

What does this class action settlement mean to you the consumer? Consumers who purchased the Easy Tone shoes and apparel may be eligible for compensation. If you purchased Reebok Easy Tone shoes or apparel between December 5, 2008 and October 12, 2011, you may be eligible for part of the class action settlement.

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In the end, what does this mean for you?  Be an informed consumer. It's to your benefit. 

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