Tiny Prints, making your Christmas cards picture perfect

Christmas cards are a big deal in our house. We try to plan a "nice" family picture to include and some silly ones of the boys too. Since we send out a lot of cards (about 100). I have to plan in advance to make sure that I get the cards out before Christmas.

Since we send a lot of cards, usually we get a lot of cards too. For me, the challenge is to find a card that is different from another family's Christmas card. This year I'm using Tiny Prints for our Christmas cards this year.

Tiny Prints has tons of options for the holiday season. From standard flat cards to tri-fold and even ones like little ornaments, I know that I will find an amazing design that will impress all our family and friends.

After looking through all the designs, I am torn between two designs.

One of my favorites is tri-fold design, Merrily Woven: Red Lantern. I like how I can print on the front and back of this design. Plus, it has options for how many photos, 0-3 photos and color or black and white. I think that this type of card is great for the grandparents because it can be easily displayed on a mantel or entry table.

Here's a tip too!  Just because a card looks like it should go in a square envelope (square envelopes cost more postage), put it in a rectangular envelope. The card fits and you save on postage. 

My second choice is Blooming Blossums: Winterberry. What I like about this card is that it looks like an ornament. It can be difficult finding a good place to display Christmas cards. I like the idea that a card could be hung on a tree. Maybe this year I can get a small entry Christmas tree and display all the cards from friends and family. No more cards getting lost in a pile of mail.

In the end, any design that I choose will be liked by our recipients. After all the idea of a Christmas card to share happiness during the holiday season and to tell others that you appreciate them in your family's life. 

Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a campaign with Tiny Prints. I may receive photo cards for my participation in this project. For my complete disclosure policy, please see www.more4momsbuck.com/disclosure.

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