Passing it forward in my community with Chevy

Passing it forward is not a new concept. But in today's society, spreading a little good will could do a world of good. When all you hear about is community problems and negative images, we could all use a little kindness will in our lives.

Chevy wants to make a difference in our community, that's why it has partnered with ePIFany NOW. The purpose of this program is to "pass it forward" by doing random acts of kindness in your community.

This Saturday, I will join other Naperville residents to do random acts of kindness in our community. We leave Chervolet of Naperville and head out throughout Naperville to spread some kindness and good will.

The idea is to experience the thrill of giving first hand; no matter how small, simple, or insignificant the act of kindness. It only takes a SMALL act of kindness to make someone's day.

So what will your family do this weekend? Could you spread a random act of kindness?


  1. Wow didn't know you lived close, I am south of you.We sorted clothing that was donated to our church, sorted into stacks for the list of families and delivered them to the families, along with food from our church food pantry.

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